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for your small business

Intuitive Bookkeepers

Business Bookkeeping, Payroll and
Tax Services

Over 20 years of Nationwide experience with
start-ups and exisiting businesses

General Bookkeeping

Our customized bookkeeping services have helped many small businesses clean up their books to become profitable and efficiently run.


We offer complete payroll solutions for employees, track 1099 payments, and provide monthy, quarterly, and yearly payroll taxes filings.


We help you start your new company in your state of business. Whether you're an LLC, S-corp, C-corp or a DBA we can help you be successful and compliant.

Tax Filing
and Preparation

We offer sales tax filing in all 50 states for your business along with record keeping services. Our tax preparation services are completed for partnered or independent CPAs.

What We Do

We provide expert bookkeeping, payroll and financial consulting services for businesses Nationwide.

Our encrypted document portal keeps you secure at all times.

About Us

We do the numbers and filings so you can manage and grow your business.

If you don’t have experience in bookkeeping or accounting, it can be challenging to learn all the associated regulations. Learning how to create a profit and loss statement or correctly reconcile your bank statements can take much reading, research, and practice.

At Intuitive Bookkeepers, we can be someone who does more than just keep track of numbers for you. We can walk you through certain processes and explain why those processes are important so you don’t feel left in the dark when it comes to your accounting.

As a new business owner, a bookkeeper can be especially helpful. We can fully train you and your staff to know the ins and outs of your payroll, accounting liabilities, and record keeping. Even if you don’t hire a bookkeeper for the long term, a short-term arrangement can equip you with the basic yet essential tools you need.

Is a bookkeeper absolutely essential to a business?


All businesses in the United States must keep records of their payroll, expenses, and more to avoid tax delinquencies and fees. Improper bookkeeping can lead to business debt becoming personal debt.
Bookkeeping is the core of business finances and can impact the growth and success of your small business. It can encompass a variety of tasks — many of which have many legal guidelines to adhere to in order to keep your business in state and federal compliance — and is the backbone of your accounting, operations, and financial systems.

Some business owners, even with the best of intentions, decide to handle their financial record-keeping themselves. Without proper financial training, this can be a costly mistake.

There is a theory of "opportunity cost," which is simply the cost of doing one thing instead of another. When trying to do your bookkeeping, you deter your focus from growing your business. In this regard, doing your own books is almost certainly more expensive than employing the services of a bookkeeper because while you're doing administrative tasks, you're not out there earning money.

We bring over 20 years of experience in bookkeeping for many businesses in a wide array of industries. Our small business is a team of educated & seasoned accounting gurus that not just clean up your bookkeeping but run complete payroll, sales tax filings in all 50 states, business formations, audits, tax preparation, and offer full training courses in QuickBooks.

Our pricingand customized packages are sure to save you time & money. Contact us for a free consultation.

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